Monday, October 5, 2009

Cluj Napoca- the protest of the medicine students, encouraged by Nati Meir

The independent candidate for Presidency, Mr. Nati Meir, attends today, the 2nd of October, the protest meeting organized in Cluj by the students of IMF against the increase of the tuition cost.
You’ll find below last minute news , published by the local press: In these moments, in Cluj, is running the protest of the international students from the Medicine & Pharmacy University . The reason of their protest is the increase of the tuition cost, at the beginning of this school year, not only for the freshmen but for all students attending the classes of IMF.
“The University will loose its prestige acting in this manner with us and will acquire a bad reputation after such a initiative, “ declares Johhny Kasskawo, the leader of the Swedish students. At the students’ protest has also participated the independent candidate for presidency , Nati Meir. He explained his participation as being requested by the students who have asked for his help.
“The increase of the tuition cost as well as the Romanian students’ problems regarding the hall places may determinate them to leave Romania for other universities, which is not positive for us. Cluj may be the start point for a protest at national level and I recommend the students of all important university cities to join to this action.” has declared Mr. Meir.
The students will flock from the new Rector’s Building , of Victor Babes Street, to the City Hall and the old Rector’s Building, of Emil Isac Street.
Being in the middle of the participants, Mr. Meir stated: “ In this very moment we get to enter the rector’ office, although he has refused initially to discuss with us, and I consider this being our first victory in the negotiations.”
We will revert with fresh news.

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