Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nati Meir’s meeting with King Cioaba

The meeting between Nati Meir, the independent candidate for the Romanian Presidency, and Florin Cioaba, the Rroma King, at his residence in Sibiu, has been deployed in a cordial atmosphere, occasioning an interesting change of opinions regarding the actual political situation and the specific problems of the rroma community.
His Excellency, King Cioaba, has declared he was eager to meet, before the elections, Mr Meir and to inform him about the most important problems his ethnicity is faced with, the tuition system and the lake of work places.
In his speech, Mr. Meir has underlined that he had also desired to have the opportunity to discuss with King Cioaba. Regarding the circumstances he has interfered , in the last period, with members of the rroma community, Mr. Meir informed His Excellency he has been contacted by many persons asking him money in change of their support in elections , the conclusion which results being that “ the gypsies can be bought”.
This is, unfortunately, a fact with reference to a great number of persons, whose vote may be obtained on mercantile basis instead of a true program for the benefit of the whole society.
Replying, King Cioaba has stated he is consequent in his option and will support, on the 22nd of November, the actual president. Mr. Meir’s answer, reiterating one of the article of his site, has revealed the same consequence in choosing “ the littlest evil”.
Being asked by King Cioaba which were the measurement he would attempt for the benefit of the rroma community, if he accedes to the supreme function in state, Nati Meir has replied:
“I’ve traveled a lot in country and abroad and I’ve met everywhere gipsy beggars. That is why I consider an ample social and professional integration program as being the most important thing to do for this community.”

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