Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open letter to Mr. Nati Meir

“Regardless of the poll results and of the media speculations , for me what really counts is the citizen’s opinion”.- has declared Mr. Nati Meir. We publish below, from the hundreds, a supporting letter received by Mr. Meir

Good afternoon, Mr Meir,

This open letter is my personal statement where I wish to underline and, if possible, to share with the others my opinion about your person and your actions in a country where the future seems to be with no hope for many of us and the opportunities belong only to potentates .
I’ll do all my best to forward this letter to all that means media in this country and, who knows, maybe for some opinion builders may count, in this turbid period, the simple one’s feelings. As I am.
After the unlucky events I recently lived and the manner which entwined our destinies, I wish to publish my opinion about you as man.
Some times ago, I’ve sent you a letter which described the unfortunate incident which could affect the stability of my family on all plans.
Your warm answer came surprisingly but it was no surprise for me ‘cause it was confirmed me, with no doubt, that my perception about you is true.
Maybe it sounds too familiar what I’ll affirm but I have always considered that ascending with perseverance , thanks his own qualities and through the hazard of life on a high pedestal but continuing to look at the others as your equals is a quality more rare, in these days, than real diamonds. And worthy of our whole esteem. And you, as you are and behave , are more than worthy of this esteem.
You, Mr. Meir, were the only one, among the hundreds , maybe the thousands persons, I have contacted in an inhuman demarche of a father, husband and householder, being in a desperate situation, who didn’t turn your back on me.
As all the others have done.
People who, instead of a polite refusal or a well meant advice, have chosen to ignore me , in barbaric and flagrant way, so I found my unrestricted confidence in my neighbors to be convulsed. And this “ treatment” I received from important persons who take the front page of the public and political life and who try by all means, especially in this electoral year, to convince us they detain the secret of all that means to be a MAN. But these statements are nothing else than façade, I found out by myself.
You were the only one who were receptive to my problems ,which I don’t describe here, and who has offered me an advice, a consolation and who has shown his availability to give me an unexpected help which could bring me and my family to a haven.
You have sent me the invitation to meet in Bucharest to discuss in details and to choose together a solution. It was an unique honor for me to meet you and the trip from Baia Mare to Bucharest was , maybe, the most important in my life, because this trip renders me the trust in people , in valuable, but so rare, principles, as compassion and humanism.
Unfortunately, the hazard plays an important role in everyone’s destiny and, when I have pursued your invitation, I found you caught in a infamous game, organized by your political opponents , a dirty trial of awkward libels and setups, as consequence as they felt and are continuously feeling being threatened by you, as a real and imminent danger for their so convenient position.
After these indignant events then you haven’t had the possibility to carry my heaviness too, which is understandable, I compare with you that the reproachful attempts, your “honorable” adversaries had put on to depreciate you, have affected me and your other defenders. And I assure you, we are not a few.
What I’ve wished to underline in this letter is the fact you are a political person, a candidate for the Romanian presidency, who was moved and impressed by the destiny and the life of only one person, me.
A better, more suggestive and eloquent description for Nati Meir, as person, I don’t believe it exists. At least not in Romania where words, especially those winnowed before the elections, haven’t any value, a true fact equals all the words in world.
That is why I assume as a purpose to impart my experience with everyone and to let them to draw their own conclusions about “ who is Nati Meir?”
Unfortunately I have lost almost everything , I haven’t anything to loose more but the true and the sincerity are the facts anyone can’t take me away. This is my answer to anyone who could accuse me that this letter has an occult intention or I have something to gain. All I have said is my free, voluntary and sincere opinion about Nati Meir.
It’s harder to afford to loose your trust in people as to loose all you possess.
And I didn’t loose it thanks to you; that is why I want to thank you.
As I said at the beginning, I will do all I can to share my true conviction with the others , through all media ways, as they don’t experience, after the elections, to feel the bitter taste of being ignored as I was not long ago. By all, except you.
I thank you.

With esteem
Barsan Constantin

Nati Meir Press Office
Independent candidate for the Presidency

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