Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nati Meir replies to Oana Zavoranu

On “Oana Zavoranu Show”, broadcasted yesterday, the 13th of October , the entertainer has asked Mr. Meir, in her specific manner, why he refuses to participate at her show.
Replying, Mr. Meir states:
“ I rarely arrive to refuse to participate at one emission , as proof being my participations of this evening at “Focus Monden”, broadcasted by Prima TV channel, at 23,00 hours and presented by Andreea Fried and Dan Cruceru, and at “Un show pacatos”, presented by Dan Capatos on Antena 1, beginning with 23,45 hours.
I have also accepted Oana’s invitation on 29.09.2009 but, while I walked toward the OTV studios, I received a call from the producer of her emission who announced me I won’t appear in the show anymore.
I wish answer , on this way, to Oana: I will enjoy to participate to your show but I expect from “Oana Zavoranu show” team a written invitation , so I won’t be anymore in the situation to change my program.”

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