Monday, October 5, 2009

Nati Meir is invited to the protest manifestation of the students from Cluj

Friday, the 2nd of October 2009, the independent candidate to the Presidency, Mr. Nati Meir, will meet the students’ delegation in medicine who organized the protest action of last Friday, the 25th of September.
The spontaneous younger’ action , of the last week was caused by the unexpected increase of 1000 dollars of the tuition tax for the school year 2009/2010.
Mr. Meir’s visit of tomorrow, at the invitation of the students, is occasioned of an ample claiming action , where more than 5000 students are expected to participate and to present a list with their specific revendications.
About this protest, Mr. Meir has stated:
“My participation to this action is close to my interest regarding the tuition system which is, in my opinion, essential for the healthy development of the society and which I have included between the priorities of my political platform. The students have considered I were the most indicated politician to discuss with a plan for the solving of their specific problems, and I remembered the ’68 protest action of the French students, with their leader, Dany le Rouge”, surely the journalists will compare me. I wish to state that the politicians must give a real importance to this event, apparently minor, not forgetting that the students’ protest from 40 years ago was followed by manifestations at national level.”
It must be mentioned that Mr. Meir belongs to the first politicians involved in the problematic situation of the students from Cluj, having himself a student in the family, in the person of his son. In the same time it’s astonishing the lake of interest of the government regarding these problems, as well as the prime minister, himself, is originated from Cluj.
Mr. Nati Meir expresses his hope that this visit will contribute to relax the tense atmosphere at the beginning of the university year in Cluj.

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