Monday, October 12, 2009

Nati Meir proposed to be also spiritual father for Romanians

After 14 years since Romania became his second country , Nati Meir was, for the first time, on the 26th of September, the godfather of a young Orthodox couple.
Since that moment, even more young people appeal to him to accept to be their spiritual guardian. One of these requests, sent on the personal e-mail address of Mr. Meir, from a pair, whose spiritual richness is very impressive, may be read below:
“ we are Andrei and Andreea, 21 and respectively 26 years old, we live in Sibiu, on Andrei Popa Street, together with my future husband’s mother and other 2 brothers, having a very poor material situation.
My future husband works in a factory for pencil coal, with 550 Ron per month, and I work some hours per day as babysitter for only 200 Ron. My mother-in-law has a severe handicap, suffering of multiple sclerosis and tetraparesis spastic. We are living 5 persons in one room-house at underground floor.
In one word, our situation, from financial point of view, is desperate , our single richness being our love and the deep respect we feel towards you. We know you have helped a lot of persons , we know you have a great heart and that’s why we ask you, from the deepness of our soul, to accept to be our spiritual guardian , our godfather, we need you a lot . You are the only person who really deserves to be the president of Romania. We and our families are sustaining you in all you attempt and we hope with all our heart that you’ll become our president and our godfather, ‘ cause we haven’t anyone besides us to help.
We wish you the best luck in the world and are waiting for your reply.

With great respect
Andrei and Andreea “

Nati Meir Press Office
Independent candidate for the Presidency

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