Monday, October 5, 2009

Nati Meir- in competition on the TV channels

Sunday, the 4th of October, Nati Meir was the host of one “ Cherry on the cake” edition, broadcasted by Prima TV Channel, having as guests Mrs. Eveline Badea, Ms Alina Crisan and Mr. Marius Marinescu.
Although he has stated:“ I am a simple person. I don’t need more than some fries, a salad, a grill or a schnitzel for my dinner. With no alcohol. The company is not such important, ‘ cause I feel comfortable with everyone.”, Nati Meir has worked up for offering his guests a very special dinner with specific Israeli dishes.
The cherry on this evening cake was represented by the musical program performed by a traditional fiddlers’ orchestra who has animated the atmosphere.
If he succeeded or not to offer an unforgettable evening his guests from the “ Cherry on the cake”, broadcasted by Prima TV, Mrs. Eveline Badea, Ms. Alina Crisan and Mr. Marius Marinescu, will decide the viewers of this edition from Sunday, the 4th of October.
During this week, the tv-viewers will have the opportunity to pursue the independent candidate to the Presidency , Nati Meir, in a new posture: this of competitor against the 50 blonde girls of Dan Negru- show “ Are you trying your forces with the blondes’?”, on Antena 1-TV Channel, Wednesday, the 7th of October.

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