Monday, October 19, 2009

Decisive day for Nati Meir

After he has announced he retreats from the presidential running, Nati Meir was assaulted by thousand of phone calls and messages from his supporters who ask him to review his decision.
During the TV- shows “Gossiping with Bahmu” and “Happy Hour”, he has attended on Friday, the 16th of October, the entertainers, Adriana Bahmuteanu and Catalin Maruta, have joined their voices to the public’s ones, asking, they too, to Mr. Meir to not abandon the presidential race.
A concrete proof for the popularity the presidential competitor enjoys was the proposal, made by Mrs.Iantoc Adriana from Campulung Muscel, district Arges (phone number 0740.708.782), and related by Mr. Meir at “ Gossiping with Bahmu” show, who has declared she knows where is buried Elodia and agrees to offer 50% from the reward , promised by Dan Diaconescu, to Mr. Meir so he may pursue his electoral campaign.
Mr. Nati Meir has announced he will make public his decision until the end of the day, as he has promised.

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