Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nati Meir - guest Oana Zavoranu

Today, the 29th of September 2009, the candidate for the Romanian presidency, Mr. Nati Meir, will participate on “The Oana Zavoranu Show” on OTV.
The viewers at home will have the opportunity to listen to the candidate’s electoral anthem for the first time, he stated:
“I hesitated to accept the invitation to appear on the Oana Zavoranu’s show, due to the current tense political situation despite Oana Zavoranu being one of my favourite televion presenters.
Meeting Oana Zavoranu once again and the persistence of a few journalist, who assured me that the Romanian people are disgusted by the political circle and prefer a special show, have all determined me to change my mind. I will use this occasion to present my electoral anthem, which has already been published in the press.”

We invite you to watch Mr. Nati Meir on Oana Zavoranu’s show, today starting from 17:00, on OTV.

Nati Meir Press Office
Independent candidate for the Presidency

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