Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adi Minune stands by Nati Meir in his fight for Cotroceni

Invited as a special guest to the wedding of the son of businessman Ilie Filoti of Dolj county, where Adrian Minune was godfather, politician Nati Meir has announced that he has reached an agreement with Adrian Minune and that he will help him in his electoral campaign. “It is for the first time when a Jew forms a team with a gypsy, however I am doing this because I have a great deal of confidence in Adrian’s abilities, as he is my favourite singer. He will be a part of my campaign staff, we are seriously considering him for him to spearhead this campaign and we believe that luck will be on our side. We are already working on a manea(traditional Roma song), which will be my campaign anthem and which I will promote throughout the country, in order to convince the Romanian public to vote for me,” declared Nati Meir. Even if he was constantly asked to dance to his friends’ tunes, Florim Salam and Sorinel Pustiu, Adrian Minune has confirmed that he has accepted Nati Meir’s proposal, especially since he trusts him: “Where I get involved, luck comes by the barrel. We are thinking of a special campaign, where I will probably join him all across the nation, but also to sing for Nati Meir. I am glad that he has chosen to spend
tonight with us.” The party lasted until dawn, when the bride and groom retreated in order to
depart on their honeymoon.

Mirabela BUBATU

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