Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A normal day in Nati Meir's agenda

Well known as an active person, whose schedule has become very busy since he has announced his candidacy for the Romanian presidency. Nati Meir meticulously prepares his agenda for the following day. For Wednesday, 02.09.2009, it includes:
07:00-07:30- press monitorization
07:30-08:30- campaign staff meeting
08:30-09:30- research and preparing material for the “Press Conference” show on Antena 2
10:00-12:00-filming in the Antena 2 studios, together with Mrs. Diana Munteanu Niculescu’s team, for her show where journalists face off with public people whose activity has been intensely covered by the press in the past period.
13:00-15:00- meetings with citizens, correspondents and other people who have come to him with various problems and issues.
15:00-16:00- mail
16:00-17:00- meeting with Adrian Minune in order to lay the foundation for a future collaboration in the electoral campaign.

The activities he is involved in and the intense pace at which Mr. Meir works at explains why his site,, is in first place in the politics category.

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