Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nati Meir invited to the Rroma culture days

Every year, on the 8th of September, when the birth of the Mother of God is celebrated, rroma from the entire country converge in Costesti. It is an opportunity for them to present their music, traditions and habits-but also, their most prized possessions.
At the invitation of Mr. Ninel Potarca, president of the Patronage of Rroma Businessmen and candidate for the Romanian Presidency, Nati Meir will be present today, 15:00 hours at the annual Festival in Costesti.
On this occasion, Nati Meir will have a private meeting with Mr. Florin Tanase Cioaba, king of the rroma all across the world and first vice-president of the World Rroma Organization. The subjects discussed will include: the problems in the education system, discrimination, poverty and other subjects concerning the life of this community.
Nati Meir will be accompanied by racing driver Daniel Onoriu, who has decided to help the candidate in his electoral campaign, he stated in “Atac” newspaper: I have met Nati Meir, personally, this week and I was impressed by the openness with which he addresses the problems of the ethnicity of which I am a part of. I originate from a famous and well-respected family of traditional music singers; I am the grandson of Gabi Lunca and Ion Onoriu. Despite this fact, I have always had to support my passion for motorsport by myself without any help from anyone despite my performing at the highest level. I have had a short discussion with Nati Meir and we are willing to try our luck as... a long race crew.

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