Friday, September 25, 2009

Nati Meir’s History

Well-known for his non-conformist actions and initiatives, the first candidate to dare to associate his name with that of a model and a manele singer. Nati Meir was also the first candidate which understood how to become closer to the people, regardless of ethnicity and social status; and to be there for them in the special moments of their lives, a blueprint happy adopted by other candidates in the pre-electoral period by other competitors.
Here is an article Libertatea published on the 21st of September 2009.
As we have previously written in the article, “Nati Meir makes history once again- for the first time he will be godfather”, this week-end will mark a premiere in the life of the presidential hopeful- being godfather for a young Christian couple of mixed ethnicity.
The 26th of September will also be a time when the partnership between Nati Meir and Adi Minune will surpass the political level and will their bond will become much stronger.
We would like to state that the moment when the ceremony will begin has been modified and the young couple is expected to exchange “I do’s”, in the town hall of Barcanesti, starting with 16:00, instead of 12:00, as it was previously announced.
Let us wish them “All the best” in their new life together!

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