Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr. Nati Meir’s electoral anthem

As we have already told our readers, the collaboration between Nati Meir and Adrian Minune has borne fruit: the composition of the candidate’s electoral anthem.
In today’s issue, 11.09.2009, of Cancan the first lyrics are published.
We publish the full lyrics below:

A jew and a gypsy
Nati Meir and Adrian
Come today to entertain you
Because they would like to candidate

To rid this country of thieves
Come, let us all unite!
With the vote that you will give me
You will never regret it

I have roamed the country
And have seen a hard life
Romanians have no joys
And have nothing to give their children

I candidate for you
To rid you of your needs
Everyone has given you empty talk,
We want to switch to actions

The composer Adrian Minune will sing this anthem, for the first time, in the “Observator” show on Antena 1.

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