Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nati Meir challenges Mircea Badea

Watching the show “In gura presei”, presented by Mircea Badea, who stated that he cannot understand a word that Mr. Nati Meir says, the presidential hopeful has decided to challenge the Mr. Badea to an unique contest:
“I admit that I do not master the Romanian language very well however, I am doing the best I can to improve my language and am taking private tutoring lessons, but to state that I am completely incomprehensible, is a bit exaggerated.
So I dare to challenge Mr. Badea to a theme show, “Can you understand what Nati Meir is saying?” I propose that this contest be held in the studios of the Intact media trust, following a regulation accepted by Mr. Badea, as well. The percentage of the people who understand what I am saying will be monitored by Mr. Badea’s team. If I succeed to make myself understood by at least 51% of the viewers who voted, I firmly believe that Mr. Badea, well-known for his
sportsmanship, will declare himself beaten or in turn, declare me winner. And because each contest must have a stake, I will put 10.000 Euro on the line and I will allow Mr. Badea to establish what he puts on the line. I suggest that the winner donate the respective sum to an orphange.
I am convinced that Mr. Badea will be happy to participate.

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