Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everything begins in Craiova

Mr. Nati Meir, independent candidate for the Romanian Presidency, has launched in Craiova, within a press conference, a support program for all disadvantaged people in Romania: people with handicaps and special needs, disadvantaged pensioners, prisoners released from jails, regardless of ethnicity and social class.
If the Romanian Government has launched the “First House” program this year, then Mr. Nati Meir has launched in Craiova the “First Chance” program, aimed at the reintegration of released prisoners from penitentiaries, ignored by the authorities, presenting here some concrete examples.
The climax of this meeting with the mass-media from Craiova was the unfortunate event where Mr. Mircea Geoana did not keep his word and left 400 important members of the Jewish community in Washington waiting.
In attendance at this meeting were Mr. Leonida Mandache, adviser on Rroma problems for Mr. Nati Meir, which has announced in Craiova the beginning of a series of concerts, a part of the electoral campaign, where the greatest manele singers headed by Mr. Adrian Minune will be present.
A special remark to Mr. Adrian Pintea, currently employed in Mr. Nati Meir’s electoral staff, one of the first beneficiaries of the “First Chance” program, a man released from prison a few months ago has shown that with his presence of mind that for Mr. Nati Meir: “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”.

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