Friday, September 18, 2009

Nati Meir: “Shana Tova" !

Saturday and Sunday, the 19th of September and the 20th of September, respecitvely, Jews celebrate Rosh Hashana, or the passing into the year 5770, in the mosaic calendar.
Addressing the entire political class in Romania, on this “Judgement Day”, as it is considered by Jews, Mr. Nati Meir stated: “For me, and for Jews around the world, these days offer an occasion to revaluate life, pray for the forgival of our sins and hoping for a change for the
I consider that now, in the period preceding the elections, that this should be the main concern for politicians in Romania.
Fierce political battles and contradictory discussions are proving useless. The forefront of our actions should be striving for a better future for Romania and returning to God.
Shana Tova! is the wish I address to my co-citizens and “Have a great year! To all Romanians.

Nati Meir Press Office
Independent candidate for the Presidency

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