Monday, September 7, 2009

Elena Udrea: “If Nati Meir offers a reward, then I will not offer one”

Finding out about the theft of the unfinished work of art by Catalin Mihalache, depicting the bust of the Minister of Tourism, Elena Udrea, Mr. Meir has announced that he is willing to offer a consistent reward to the person that recovers the art piece; thus, allowing the artist to complete it.
This news which was posted on the Presidential hopeful’s website and taken by the media, has reached Mrs. Udrea’s ears, as well and she has agreed with Nati Meir’s proposition.

Libertatea comments this in an article published on the 5th of September 2009:

Nati Meir rewards Elena Udrea’s bust

After Nati Meir has declared that he is willing to contribute to the finding of the missing clay bust of Elena Udrea, the Minister of Tourism is no longer worried that the sculpture is missing from artist Catalin Mihalache’s workshop. Udrea has promised a reward to the person who finds the stolen sculpture however, upon hearing that Nati Meir intends to offer a reward, she has changed her mind. “Someone is probably looking for some odd publicity. I am referring, of course, to the person who stole the art piece. I have said that I will offer a reward, but if Nati Meir is also offering a reward then, I will no longer offer a reward,” declared Elena Udrea last Friday. During the course of last week, the clay sculpture representing the bust of Elena Udrea has been stolen from Catalin Mihalache’s workshop in the town of Milcov, Olt county.

“As a sign of my friendship with Mr. Dorin Cocos, whom I know for more than 12 years, I have decided to offer a reward to the person that recovers the art piece. I inted to return the sculpture to the artist so that he may finish it. Furthermore, I will also order a sculpture from Catalin Mihalache, so that he will be able to pass this period of crisis more easily.
I hope my announcement will be heard and the chance to finish his sculpture will be given to him.” Taken from a press release issued by Nati Meir’s Press Office.

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