Friday, September 4, 2009

Adi Minune is mad at Geoana and now supports Nati Meir

On the site, on the 3rd of September 2009, the following article was featured:
EXCLUSIVE: Adi Minune is mad at Geoana and no longer offers him his support.

The king of manele in Romania, Adi Minune, is extremely cross with Presidential hopeful Mircea Geoana of PSD, but also with the honorific president of PSD, Ion Iliescu.

This is the reason why Minune has announced that he will offer his support to independent Nati Meir in the struggle for Cotroceni, for whom he will also compose a manea, despite his being a counselor for PSD in the Ilfovean township of Stefanesti. According to sources close to the singer, his anger began when during the local elections despite him campaigning for the Party of the 3 roses, he felt betrayed and abandoned by his new political family. Among others, Adrian Minune performed a grand concert in the village one day before the elections, at which all the villagers participated, regardless of their political preferences. At that time, Mircea Geoana was on an electoral visit to Stefanesti and as soon as Adrian Minune began his concert, Geoana fled without even acknowledging Adrian Minune’s presence, for fear of the press mocking him. The honorific president was more strategic than Geoana, upon hearing of Minune’s concert in Stefanesti, he refused to visit the township.

(Razvan Gheorghe)

Regarding this information, Nati Meir states:
“It is true, Adi Minune is offering me his support in the electoral campaign, we have agreed upon the conventions and conditions of our collaboration and to appear at various public events together.
This news is taken exclusively today the 4th of September 2009 by “Libertatea”, which offers its readers the details of this agreement.

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